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Trends — Test automation

Manual testing has for some time been the most popular way to test code. For this method, the tester plays an important role of end user and verifies that all the features of the application work correctly. Manual testing however is on the decline. Companies and developers have realised the efficiency, accuracy and cost savings that is possible by adopting the use of automation testing.

This QA Uni course focuses on building an Automation Framework using Selenium WebDriver, Apache Maven, Jenkins Java and Cucumber BDD. Cucumber is one of the BDD frameworks which is in very high demand. Search online for many automation testing roles and you will likely see Cucumber BDD as a mandatory requirement!

We have specifically designed this course to help you gain valuable and useful experience by using a practical approach. We provide 10 hours of video tutorials, taught in a well-planned sequence to help beginners to experts learn useful automation testing skills. This course has been created by a very experienced automated test engineer.

Testing improves accuracy and saves time!

Automated tests can perform mundane/repetitive test steps with more precision every time. In this course the student will be exposed to Continuous Integration using a tool called Jenkins which will enable automation tests to be executed at any time of day (24/7)!

Automation does what manual testing cannot!

Students will learn technologies such as Apache Maven, Java, Selenium WebDriver and Cucumber BDD. You will learn critical design concepts such as Page Object Modelling, DriverFactory creation, inheritance, Continuous Integration and more! We'll teach you how to build advanced frameworks the correct way!

Automation frameworks help both developers and testers!

Automation frameworks can be intergrated into release management processes, reducing the need to perform manual tests before or after a code release; therefore, diagnosing and eliminating problems early. This strengthens the bond between QA engineers and developers.

QA and dev team morale improves!

Executing repetitive tasks with automated software testing gives your team time to spend on more challenging and rewarding projects. Team members improve their skill sets and confidence and, in turn, pass those gains onto their organization. There is no need for someone to sit mindlessly in front of a computer repeating tests.

Experience — My background

My name is Gianni Bruno and I'm a highly experienced automation test engineer. I've worked on countless projects during my career and have helped many companies adopt automation testing into their enterprise environments.

I'm co-founder of QA Uni and Webdriver University, two websites that help students learn the skills of QA Automation Testing.

I also have two very successful courses on Udemy.com (online learning platform) where I offer a Free Overview Course and a Paid In-Depth Course where over 11,000 students have enrolled!

I've created this course to help students understand the capabilities of automation testing using a practical approach, using the most up-to-date and in-demand technologies often sought by companies and recruiters. We start with the basics and then progress to creating very advanced frameworks. All videos are recorded in HD quality and there's a forum for members to ask questions if required.


Highly experienced

I have led a number of companies to adopt QA testing in their enterprise environments!


Wealth of teaching knowledge

I have taught countless people to learn the skills of automation testing!


We use the most popular tools

I demonstrate the most popular in-demand tools which are used by QA testers every day!

What some of our students say!

This is the very best QA courses I have found. Very detailed, very well put together and I have learnt a lot! I have recommened it to my colleagues. I can revisit and look back at sections when I want to remember how to do something. If you find video learning works for you then don't hesitate to take this course! user review oneJaume (Jay) Oriente
If I could some this course up in three words I would say "detailed", "interesting" and "professional". My current employer is looking to use automated testing at our workplace and this course has given me so much knowledge that I've even taught my manager a few things! Well worth the money. user review twoLouisa Gardener
I would say this course has been very well designed. It's detailed and interesting. Some parts can be a little technical but after all becomes clear and is very well explained. I'm now very confident and feel that I have learnt useful knoweldge that has form the foundation of my automated testing career. Credit to Gianni for doing such a great job and a big thank you for all your help. user review threeJames Peterson

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